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Jennifer Aniston has no idea who David Schwimmer is in Uber Eats Super Bowl ad

They're joined by Usher, Jelly Roll and David and Victoria Beckham.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Aniston hilariously forgot who David Schwimmer was in a new Uber Eats ad — debuting exclusively on TODAY and airing during the 2024 Super Bowl.

In the one-minute spot, Aniston and Schwimmer are joined by Usher, Jelly Roll plus David and Victoria Beckham as they try to remind themselves Uber Eats delivers more than just food.

"Well, you know what they say," Aniston said. "In order to remember something, you gotta forget something else. Make a little room."

And despite working with Schwimmer for 10 years on "Friends," Aniston jokes that she had no clue who her co-star was when he saw her on a film set and tried to give her a hug.

"Have we met?" she asked Schwimmer, who looked a little clueless.

"We worked together for 10 years," he said.

"10 years," Aniston said, shocked. "You are great."

"You still don't know, do you?" Schwimmer replied.

"I don't," Aniston said.

When Aniston walked away, however, she tried to show that she did, in fact, know Schwimmer when she said, "Like, I could forget 10 years of my life."

"I hate this town," Schwimmer said in disbelief.

And while Aniston and Schwimmer forgot they were friends, David and Victoria Beckham struggle to remember the name of her iconic girl group.

"Remember when you used to be a pepper lady?" David Beckham asks, holding up a spice jar.

"Wasn't it the cinnamon sisters?" Victoria Beckham replies, while wearing a shirt that reads, "David's wife."

"Basil babes?" he ponders.

"Paprika girls?" she asks.

David Beckham ultimately shuts down their brainstorm after failing to get to the Spice Girls: "No. That's absurd."

The Uber Eats amnesia also leaves Jelly Roll wondering how he got all the tattoos on his face, and Usher aspiring to one day play the Super Bowl halftime show (though of course, you can catch him on Sunday, performing halfway through the big game.)

The Beckhams also starred in a separate teaser for the Uber Eats ad, where they re-created a viral moment from their "Beckham" docuseries. In the spot, Victoria Beckham wears a shirt that reads, "My dad had a Rolls-Royce."

"So David and I are gonna be in a little commercial," she said.

David Beckham then peeks his head in: "Be honest. Be honest."

"I am," his wife responds. "OK, it’s a big commercial."

"Tell them what it’s during," he said.

The pair then try to remember who else is in the ad, and when it's even airing.

"Super big baseball game," David Beckham said.

After a pause, Victoria Beckham asked the former soccer star, "Or was it the hockey bowl?"

"Hockey bowl," he replied, adding, "Oh, and tell them about Jessica Aniston."

"Jessica Aniston is gonna be in it, too," Victoria cheekily responded, as her husband walks away, gushing, "We love Jessica."