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'Is this a Wolverine diet?' Fans are baffled by Hugh Jackman's controversial waffle topping

The "X-Men" star shared some photos from one of his recent "cheat meals," and fans had questions about one dish featuring a waffle topped with mushrooms.
/ Source: TODAY

Some people like their waffles sweet, and some like them savory. Hugh Jackman likes his waffles shroomy.

The "Wolverine" actor prompted questions from fans after he posted some photos of a curious-looking "cheat meal" he enjoyed at a Waffle House in England recently.

"Happy cheat meal to me!" Jackman captioned the pictures in the July 2 post. One pic showed a waffle slathered with mushrooms, a chili-like red sauce and what looked to be a melted cheese sauce.

Hugh Jackman's order at Waffle House in England included a waffle slathered in mushrooms (right).
Hugh Jackman's order at Waffle House in England included a waffle slathered in mushrooms (right).@thehughjackman via Instagram

"Nooo! I did not share. And I’m not sorry. #wafflehousenorwich," he wrote.

Some fans had trouble believing anyone would want to share the meal with him.

"MUSHROOMS ON WAFFLES? IS THIS THE WOLVERINE DIET?" one of Jackman's 31 million followers asked in the comments.

"A cheat meal NEVER includes mushrooms🤢," one fan declared.

"Nooo mushrooms and mince on waffles that just wrong 😂" another wrote, using a British term for ground beef.

But other fans said the dish looked good or that they wanted to try it.

"This must be a fancier Waffle House than the ones on the side of the road," one fan said.

"Definitely don’t be sorry I would devour that within seconds," someone else weighed in.

Jackman's currently beefing up to play Wolverine again in "Deadpool 3," which is due out next year. It was estimated recently that the 54-year-old eats over 8,000 calories a day while training for the role.

The restaurant, Waffle House Norwich, honored the actor's visit with some photos on Instagram, including one showing him smiling with a group of staff members.

"Huge thank you to thehughjackman for being such a legend… posing for a photo and mentioning us on his social media pages," the restaurant captioned its post. "He also helped chop some vegetables in the kitchen with his claws."