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Hot dog-flavored candy canes are a thing — but they're sold out

Fortunately, there are many, many other bizarro flavors to choose from.
Hot dog-flavored candy canes are here to make — or, more likely, break — your holidays.
Hot dog-flavored candy canes are here to make — or, more likely, break — your holidays.Archie McPhee
/ Source: TODAY

We have a wiener!

A winner, that is, in the contest to determine the most bizarre possible holiday food combinations. And it is … Archie McPhee's hot dog candy canes!

The legendary novelty candy and toy shop based in Seattle, Washington, is known for its crazy confections, and the new addition is just one of many, many insane options the store offers.

"Every year we do candy canes with unique flavors. Last year we did ketchup, the most popular American condiment." David Wahl, Archie McPhee's Director of Awesome, told TODAY Food. "This year we thought, what’s more American than hot dogs?"

Frankly speaking, there's bad news and there's good news. The bad news is the store has already sold out of the hot dog ones.

"Hamdy Canes" from Archie McPhee.
"Hamdy Canes" from Archie McPhee.Archie McPhee

The good news? There are so many more options to choose from! An incomplete list includes candy canes that taste like:

And for the real masochists out there: Sardine! (Though, somehow, those are also out of stock right now.)

The most devilish ones are the classic red-and-white striped ones (ham, ketchup, bacon, hot dog) because — to lift an idea from the woman who wrote that classic review of Brach's Thanksgiving dinner candy corn — you could always set them out in an innocent basket that provides no clue as to their flavors, and revel in the sight of your friends and loved ones losing their trust in you forever.

Archie McPhee's shiitake mushroom-flavored candy canes.
Archie McPhee's shiitake mushroom-flavored candy canes.Archie McPhee

In 2019, TODAY looked at the (then) new flavor of kale, and spoke with Wahl, who said, "When it came time for us to make a candy cane, we opted for (the) superfood kale! While this candy cane might not have the nutritional value of actual kale, it does share the delicious flavor we've all come to love."

Kale-flavored candy canes from Archie McPhee.
Kale-flavored candy canes from Archie McPhee.Archie McPhee

McPhee's posted a video on YouTube in 2019 of various people trying out several flavors, and the reactions are pretty priceless. "It smells fatty," sniffs one taster of the ham flavor; "it does taste like a salad" said another of the kale; there's even a hilarious attempt to put one on a slice of bread with mayo like a sandwich. "We've reached a new low," says the tester after taking a chomp.

Whether you intend to use them as a joke, a trick or a treat, though, these absurd-flavored candy canes are a perfect stocking stuffer for pretty much any time of year (and Halloween is just around the corner). At just $6.50 a box, how can you say no?

Just watch out for the hot dog-flavor hoarders. We see you out there!