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Hershey's is releasing its first new bar 2 years

This winter, a classic bar is getting a creamy makeover.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to candy, Hershey’s chocolate bar is an undisputed classic. The bar with the signature rectangles first made its debut in 1900. Since the brand rarely tinkers with its namesake bar, when it does make a change, it's usually pretty noteworthy.

This winter, Hershey's is set to release a new bar — but it might not appeal to the same folks who love traditional chocolate. Hershey’s White with Whole Almonds is “a sweet and crunchy treat” that features a smooth white creme packed with whole roasted almonds grown in California, a rep for the company told TODAY Food.

The base of the new bar features similar ingredients to those used in Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme bar, which doesn't even contain cocoa butter so it's not actually white chocolate. Herhey's creme is a mix of vegetable oils (including shea, palm and sunflower), sugar, corn syrup and milk.

In 2017, the brand released Hershey's Gold, its first new bar in over 20 years. That candy, which was made with a caramelized creme base, does not contain any cocoa butter. Before that, Hershey's had released very few new bars, but its Special Dark came out in 1939 and Cookies 'n' Creme first appeared in 1994.

Earlier this year, Hershey's announced that it would be releasing bars with emojis stamped in to the little rectangles, but those bars are still made with traditional milk chocolate.

The new white Hershey's bar with whole almonds will be available nationally in December in two sizes: The standard size (1.45 ounces) will retail for around $1.09, and the king size (2.6 ounces) will cost $1.89.