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Hershey's chocolate bars will soon be stamped with emojis — yes, even the poop one

The classic chocolate bar is getting an emotional upgrade.
/ Source: TODAY

Hershey’s chocolate bars have been around for over a century and, during that time, they've barely changed their look.

But this summer, for the first time in the brand’s 125-year history, big changes are coming and there are already a lot of feelings involved.

Literal feelings, actually, because soon the beloved candy bars are being redesigned to include emojis.


Each new Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bar will include the same, mini rectangular bars in every package, but rather than those rectangular pieces being engraved with the word "Hershey’s," there will soon be a unique emoji in each square.

While there are hundreds of emojis out there, only 25 were selected by children and adults to "feature meanings that would help to spark a conversation and make new connections," according to a company press release.

“In today’s text-savvy world, many conversations start with a message that contains an emoji; so it made sense to work directly with people using emojis the most — parents and kids," Kriston Ohm, senior brand manager for Hershey’s, told TODAY Food via email. "It turned out that both generations favored the same 25 emojis. We chose to feature each one of these popular emojis on our new Hershey Emoji bars.”


Among the excited heart eyes face, thumbs up and a heart emoji, there are some rather unconventional stamps, including the ghost and the smiling poop face.

Guess people really do love that little guy!

Hershey's has yet to set a specific release date for the bars but there will be six different package designs rolling out "this summer."


The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bar will be available nationwide at grocery stores and other food retail spaces.

The standard sized bar starts at 99 cents and a snack bag (which is almost 9.5 ounces of chocolate) will retail for about $4.