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Here's what Olympian Katie Ledecky eats before and after competition

The Olympian practices her eating routine, just like she swims laps.
/ Source: TODAY

What does it take to power an Olympian? If you're Katie Ledecky — lots of practice and protein.

While the athletes in Tokyo are loving all the dining options, Ledecky keeps a regimented routine when it comes to eating.

During NBC's Tuesday evening broadcast of Ledecky's 1500-meter gold finish for Team USA, Michele Tafoya said that she talked with United States Olympic Committee (USOC) senior sport dietician Alicia Glass, who revealed Ledecky's diet.

The Olympian's last meal comes four hours before a swim.

"This morning it was oatmeal, made with extra milk, peanut butter and fruit for protein, carbs and antioxidants," Tafoya reported. "She can snack on things like energy bars before the race, and she generally has a sports drink in her hand until she leaves the ready room."

After the race, Ledecky "downs at least one twelve ounce bottle of low fat chocolate milk on the way to the warm down pool", where a protein bar and a banana are waiting.

Tafoya shared, "Because studies suggest swimmers perform better in the evening, because their core body temperature is higher, Katie helps raise her body temperature in the morning by adding coffee to that warm breakfast."

In addition to being a pro in the pool, Ledecky has mastered her sports nutrition program.

"She's rehearsed well choreographed meal routines again and again and again (by) waking up, pretending it was a race day and eating on schedule," Tafoya reported. "All of this has been as much a part of Katie's daily training as swimming laps. "

On Wednesday, the American swimmer made history with her sixth career gold in the Olympic debut of the women's 1500-meter freestyle race. Teammate Erica Sullivan added to the U.S. swimming medal haul clinching silver.