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Olympian Katie Ledecky's mom shares her favorite baked treat

The Olympic gold medal swimmer loves this delicious baked treat. Try it yourself!
/ Source: TODAY

Olympian Katie Ledecky swam her way to four gold medals and one silver medal this summer, breaking world records and becoming a dominant force on the U.S. swim team. So what does this power house eat?

During training, Ledecky carbo- and protein-loaded on pasta, peanut butter on toast, bagels, chicken, steak and more, according to ESPN. But she also skipped out on any sweet treats.

Now back at home, Katie can finally indulge in her mom Mary Gen's delicious baked goods. From brownies to cakes, Mary Gen's a prolific home cook and awesome baker.

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Here, she shares her recipe for a pumpkin apple bread, one of Katie's favorites.

Pumpkin Apple Bread

After you've whipped up Ledecky's favorite food, you can keep eating like an Olympian by trying out our other mom-approved recipes.

Swimmer Simone Manuel loves this Cajun shrimp pasta dish, which hearkens back to her mom's New Orleans roots.

Or you can snack like Manuel's fellow Olympic swimmer Conor Dwyer and make this delicious blueberry coffee cake, just as good a breakfast as it is a dessert!

And you might not be able to eat 8,000 calories a day like Ryan Lochte, but you can certainly enjoy his mom's go-to dish: a breaded steak influenced by her time living in Cuba.