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Joy Bauer sneaks nutrients into favorites like fries and Buffalo dip

Eat good, feel good!

It’s surprisingly easy to level up your plate and boost your health while still satisfying your palate. The key is to look for simple ways to sneak in more nutrients, like protein, fiber and antioxidants, to your favorite dishes. For example, check out these crispy, flavorful fries that provide filling fiber, a Buffalo dip that’s rich in satisfying protein and a warming tea that helps ease aches and pains.

Eggplant makes a fantastic spud swap for french fries. It breads up easily and softens quickly in the oven. The result: The fries become super crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. Plus, eggplant is high in fiber and contains beneficial anthocyanins, pigments with antioxidant effects that are responsible for the skin’s vibrant purple hue. A few serving suggestions: I like to sprinkle additional grated Parm over the top of the finished fries. Oh, and they’re extra finger-licking good dipped into warm marinara sauce. I mean, would it be eggplant Parmesan without a little marinara magic? These fries deliver all the crave-worthy feels of the classic dish with an extra dose of finger-food fun.

Buffalo Cottage Cheese Dip

Joy Bauer

The bold and the Buffalo — this dip has it all. Thanks to cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, it’s laden with velvety protein, while hot sauce and cayenne give it a fiery kick. I know cottage cheese can be polarizing; if you’re on the fence (like my husband), let me assure you that you cannot taste it in this flavorful dip. Still not convinced? You can swap the cottage cheese for part-skim ricotta. Feel free to omit the ground cayenne to lower the heat or dial it way up by adding more. You decide the fire power; you are the boss of your sauce!

Ginger Turmeric Cherry Tea


Sip on this soothing sensation and feel your aches and pains fade away. This tea possesses the powers of three inflammation-fighting superstars: ginger, turmeric and tart cherry juice. These ingredients are BFFs (or rather, bes-teas) in the anti-inflammatory world. The beneficial effects of turmeric are likely due to curcumin, its active ingredient, which functions as both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Ginger offers similar benefits from its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The pain-taming powers of tart cherry juice may come from the fruit’s potent phytochemicals called anthocyanins. When steeped together, this tea provides a steaming cup of solace.