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Gordon Ramsay reacts to TikToker's roast of his grilled cheese recipe

The "Hell's Kitchen" host has, at last, gotten a taste of his own medicine.
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone knows you don't roast a grilled cheese sandwich.

But TikToker @dishedit roasted Gordon Ramsay over his 2020 "ultimate grilled cheese" recipe video on YouTube … and the "Hell's Kitchen" host has responded.

It all got started when Ramsay posted the original recipe while visiting Tasmania, Australia. In it, he opts not to use either stove or oven to prep the sandwich (on which he puts kimchi) — but rather a frying pan on an open flame. Then, when he goes to cut the sandwich, one thing is clear: That cheese ain't nowhere near melted.

@dishedit decided to call him on the problematic cheesewich on TikTok with a #RamsayReacts hashtag, and it looks like they got his attention.

In the video, the user points out that his bread was too think, the cheese wasn't melted and that there was way too much kimchi.

Ramsay's duet has him both defensive and praising of the critique: He claims he didn't have a "grill" or anything other than thick bread because he was in Tasmania, a fact that @dishedit replies to in a separate TikTok that shows a stove clearly in the background of Ramsay's original video. He also objects to her spending 10 minutes on each side of the bread.

"Ten minutes? Girl, I didn’t have 10 minutes for each side, that’s 20 minutes for grilled cheese!" he laughs.

But he does admit that their finished product "looks good" and that "maybe I didn't put it in the pan long enough; I was in a rush."

Hmm, we're going to have to call it — @dishedit: 1, Ramsay: 0.

It's high time Ramsay, who's known for being famously combative and shouty on shows like "Hell's Kitchen," got a taste of his own medicine. Last year, during the pandemic, he posted several scathing reaction "duets" to TikTokers who were baiting him with their absurd recipe videos; he also critiqued his own daughter's recipe on the platform).

The only problem with this video is we really, really want a proper grilled cheese right now. And we don't have 20 minutes, either!