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Meet the 'Glonut': A doughnut that glows in the dark

/ Source: TODAY

Well, this’ll make finding your midnight snack easier.

A bakery in Sydney, Australia, recently released glow in the dark doughnuts — or as they call them, “glonuts” — and people are obsessed.

Black Star Pastry is behind the radiant new treat that features icing which glows under a blacklight.

Possibly the best part about the doughnuts — besides their fun appearance, of course — is that all the ingredients are natural. You won’t find any dyes or additives in the product. (Whaaaat?!)

According to the shop’s website, the ingredient that makes it glow is made from vitamin B, which can be quite acidic. The buttery doughnut is iced in a tart yuzu glaze, so when you bite down into it, you’ll get a mixture of sweet and sour on your tongue.

The glonut is the latest product in the galaxy food trend. It joins the ranks of popular galactic desserts such as Dairy Queen's galaxy cake, galaxy doughnuts (bagels, too!) and Disney’s glow-in-the-dark cotton candy.

Black Star Pastry said people have been loving the glonut so much that they’ve had to ramp up production in order to meet the demand. The website reads, “When food is able to capture the imagination like a glow in the dark doughnut, it’s no wonder they have taken off!”

These pastries also owe a lot of their success to their Insta-worthy appearance. People have been taking to social media to snap the gorgeous glow-in-the-dark doughnuts. We could stare at these radiant desserts all day — and night.