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Fans are going wild over Kevin Bacon preparing his spicy 'morning mango'

The actor is whispering in the video because his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, was apparently still asleep.
/ Source: TODAY

Kevin Bacon really likes mangoes. He apparently likes them so much that he's happy to wake up early and enjoy them first thing in the morning — but there's a little preparation involved.

In a video recently posted to the actor's TikTok and Instagram accounts, Bacon gets up close and personal with his fans while sharing the method behind his "morning mango."

"I just wanted to show you my morning mango routine. I'm sorry if you already know this trick," he whispers right into the camera.

He's whispering because, as he notes, his wife of over 30 years, Kyra Sedgwick, is fast asleep elsewhere in the house, which makes the 90-second demonstration, posted on Sunday, something of an ASMR-style cooking video.

"Forgive the whispering, someone (and I'll name names here @kikkosedg) was still asleep. I often like to have a little #MorningMango. What's your favorite fruit trick? Hope you enjoy the accidental #ASMR," he wrote in the Instagram caption. (ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR videos feature whispering or low-talking to provoke a tingly feeling in some sensitive listeners.)

Here's how Bacon prepares his morning mango: First, simply cut around the pit to get one half of the mango. Then slice it crossways to make little cubes. Do not cut through the skin.

Then the actor borrows a little trick from a popular Mexican street food and sprinkles on some chili powder (probably "too much" the actor admits), a little salt and a squeeze of lime juice. The result is a zesty, slightly spicy and super refreshing way to start the day.

How to Prepare a Mango, by Kevin Bacon
How to Prepare a Mango, by Kevin BaconKevinbacon / Tiktok

Other common variations of mango con chile y limon include spicing up the fruit with Tajíin seasoning, but some folks even add hot sauce to counteract the super sweet fruit.

There's one other benefit to cubing up the mango before consuming it, explained Bacon: "No stringy parts in your teeth."

It's pretty hard to disagree with actor's beautiful and tasty looking fruit, especially after we get to see him chowing down on his mango, which he declares to be "pretty good."