How to cut and peel a mango: Watch this video and learn the steps

If the thought of peeling a mango has intimidated you in the past, worry no more!

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/ Source: TODAY
By Katie Quinn

If the thought of peeling a whole mango has intimidated you in the past, worry no more! We understand. That skin is tough and pit is mighty.

TODAY Tastemaker Katie Quinn has come up with a culinary hack that may just change the way you eat fresh fruit forever.

Rather than wrestling with a knife or trying to dig the fruit out of its skin with a spoon, Quinn says the best tool is ... wait for it ... a drinking glass.

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Here's the step-by-step process:

1. Cut the whole mango lengthwise, along the seed in the center.

2. Take the smaller portion that you cut off and find the place where the flesh meets the skin.

3. Align that part with the edge of a glass — and firmly push it down. When the fruit is ripe, it will easily separate from the skin and you'll have one big piece of mango to munch on!

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This article was originally published April 28, 2016.