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Fabulous French toast! Katie Lee shares 2 must-try recipes, plus 7 top tips

by Katie Lee /  / Updated  / Source: TODAY

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In honor of Father's Day, Katie Lee is sharing her recipe for classic French toast, plus a recipe for luscious French toast sandwiches with nectarines and cream cheese — and her top tips for making perfect French toast every time. (Note: If you're following Today's #NoSugarToday challenge, simply omit the sugar from the recipes.)

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Nectarine and Cream Cheese French Toast Sandwiches
Nectarine and Cream Cheese French Toast Sandwiches
Lucy Schaeffer / Endless Summer Cookbook

Katie Lee's top French toast tips

1. Be sure to mix the custard enough. Any egg bits left in the custard will cook on the bread and leave you with pieces of egg on your lovely French toast.

2. Use a small amount of sugar; too much and the toast will burn.

3. Preheat the griddle or skillet so the French toast gets that nice caramelized "crust" when it hits the pan.

4. Use a bread like brioche, challah, or Pullman for the best texture (these are light but sturdy and won't fall apart).

5. Cut bread into pieces that are about 3/4-inch to 1 inch. Bread that's too thick won't get done in the center and too thin will fall apart if it soaks in the custard. (If making French toast sandwiches, use thinner slices so that sandwich is appropriate size and bread can cook through.)

6. Soak the bread a couple of minutes so that it really absorbs the custard versus giving it a quick dip. (If you are using a thinner slice of bread to make sandwiches, adjust the soaking time downward so that bread doesn't fall apart.)

7. Whole milk is preferred to skim milk. The extra fat will give you a better flavor and richer custard.

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