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Ed Sheeran creates Heinz ketchup commercial — watch the ad

He takes his Heinz ketchup VERY seriously.
/ Source: TODAY

Ed Sheeran is a Grammy Award winner and can sell out stadiums around the world, but he's finally made his real dream come true by starring in a Heinz ketchup commercial.

When it comes to his love of ketchup, Sheeran, 28, isn't joking. The "Thinking Out Loud" singer has a tattoo of the Heinz logo on his arm and has posted about his love of Heinz for years on Instagram.

In April, Sheeran decided to take his relationship with Heinz ketchup to the next level. He posted a photo with his beloved condiment of choice, said he had an idea for a commercial and tagged the Heinz social media team.

Sheeran and the sauce maker got in touch, and he sold it on his idea. The ad officially made its debut on Monday and couldn't be more ... "Perfect."

In the commercial, Sheeran reads from the original voice memo he sent to the Heinz team about his experience dining in a "super posh" restaurant.

After being treated like the VIP that he is by the hostess, and listening to the waiter recite the fancy specials, Sheeran is presented with his gourmet meal.

"You know, the food looked good. I just thought there was something missing," Sheeran says in the voice-over.

"So, I reach into my bag and take out the only thing that can complete me," he explains, as he grabs a bottle of Heinz ketchup from his backpack. "And at that point, the whole world came to a stop."

Restaurant patrons, the waiter and even a fancy little dog all stare at Sheeran with concern as he taps his bottle of Heinz, smothers his meal with ketchup and happily digs in.

"So that's my idea," he says. "Do you want to do it?"

Sheeran first teased the collaboration in May with a post that read, "It’s happening."

In honor of National Ketchup Day on June 5, Heinz honored Sheeran's loyalty with special-edition ketchup bottles labeled "Heinz Tomato Edchup." The singer was even immortalized on the bottle as a tomato wearing glasses, and with a shag haircut.

Sadly, Sheeran fans are out of luck. The special-edition bottles, which were filled with regular ketchup, are now sold out online. Heinz advises Sheeran fans to follow along on Instagram for any updates, but for now, they'll have to make do with a classic bottle of ketchup.