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Ed Sheeran parody nails the frustration of kids' science fair projects

It's science fair season, and the Holderness family is singing about it in a fun Ed Sheeran parody.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Ask any parent who has helped their kid prep for a science fair, and they'll tell you horror stories about procrastination, late nights and unwieldy tri-fold poster boards.

Kim and Penn Holderness, famous for nailing parenting woes on YouTube with their kids, Penn Charles and Lola, set their latest parody — this time, about the stress of science fairs — to the tune of "Shape of You."

"I am covered in tape and glue because the science project's due," Penn sings. "Been a month and we still aren't through. It's gonna take everybody."

The Holderness children melt crayons in the microwave and glue hair to poster boards — all in the name of science.

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Pieces of the projects fall off the poster board and Penn Charles announces that the projects were not even required for a grade.

The Holderness family sourced their comedy from real life.

"Our science fair is optional but both kids really wanted to participate," Kim told TODAY Parents. "I made them pinky-promise they would have to do all the work themselves. That promise was promptly broken.

"Obviously, the video is an exaggeration. But the whining and the pictures falling off in the school parking lot is truth."

Terri Peters contributed.