Dr. Oz uses this healthy ingredient to make mac and cheese super creamy

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/ Source: TODAY
By Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz may have plenty of his own tips for living a healthier lifestyle, but it turns he's also learned plenty from his daughter Daphne. Oz stopped by the TODAY kitchen to showcase his family's genius healthy swaps for two of our favorite comfort food recipes: macaroni and cheese and meatloaf.

In his meatloaf, Dr. Oz uses mushrooms in place of ketchup for moisture, while Daphne uses butternut squash in her mac and cheese to mimic the creaminess of our favorite boxed variety. Plus, the vegetable imparts a beautiful orange hue!

“I especially love the meatier meatloaf because it is still moist like the traditional meatloaf but it is a healthier, leaner version!” says Dr. Oz.

“You look at that boxed mac and cheese, part of what's so alluring about is that delicious, you know, yellow cheese and the creaminess of the sauce that it comes with. So I wanted to recreate that in a really healthy way with the butternut squash," says Daphne of her dish.

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