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Where to buy face masks for yourself and others

The president called for the public to wear face masks to reduce coronavirus spread. Here are places to buy face masks while also giving back.
/ Source: TODAY

When the president announced that people in public should wear cloth masks on April 3, the demand to buy them skyrocketed. Now, dozens of clothing companies, fashion designers and even blanket makers have turned to making face masks.

While you can certainly make a face mask with fabric at home, there are also masks for sale. Many of the brands also have a charitable element, so you can help front-line workers fighting the coronavirus outbreak while making your community a little safer.

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Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer Sanctuary is producing masks and selling them in packs of five for $28. They come in a variety of patterns and are made of cotton muslin. Sanctuary recommends disposing of them after "a few uses." Purchases will help the company donate masks to people in need, according to its site.

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You can find the face masks at

Buck Mason

A five pack of masks from menswear company Buck Mason goes for $20. Its inner layer is treated with an antimicrobial coating that the company says lasts 30 washes. For every mask purchased, Buck Mason will donate one to communities in need. According to its site, it's already planning to donate at least 196,000 masks.

Alice and Olivia

One mask from women's clothing designer Alice and Olivia goes for $10, but it's reusable and its viscose material is washing-machine safe. For every mask sold, one will be donated to a community in need.

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The Alice and Olivia website sells masks in their signature print.Alice and Olivia

Jack + Mulligan

Jack + Mulligan specializes in bags but now makes reusable white masks with green, elastic straps. They're sold in five packs for $50 and are made of two layers, cotton and antimicrobial polyester. A portion of proceeds from mask purchases will go to the CDC Foundation's Emergency Response Fund.

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The bag brand has shifted into creating face masks.Jack + Mulligan


Caraa is another bag maker that's pivoted to masks. A pack of five costs $25, and they're made from scrap materials from the company's production line, so they're easy on the earth. The company will match your with a pack donation to New York State's COVID-19 Response Fund, its site says.

American Blanket Company

Made of fleece, these just might be the coziest masks around. They come in two sizes, medium and large, and are sold in packs of five for $29. With every purchase, the company says it will donate face masks to first responders and health care workers. Concerned about the fabric being too thick? The company says they're still breathable.

These might be the coziest face masks around.
These might be the coziest face masks around.American Blanket Company


This clothing company built its brand around workers' rights and protecting the environment. So it's no surprise that all proceeds from mask purchases go directly helping the company give factory workers more paid time off. Buy one machine washable, 100% percent cotton mask for $10.

These masks are made in the U.S.
These masks are made in the U.S.Mark 1


Fashion brand Goodfight makes masks that can be worn independently or over a medical-grade N95 mask if you're a health care worker. They also come with sleeves so you can insert a filter for added protection. The masks are washable, reusable and sold for $30 a piece.

This mask could be worn alone or over a medical-grade N95 mask.
This mask could be worn alone or over a medical-grade N95 mask.

Custom Ink

Known for selling bulk amounts of T-shirts with personalized designs, Custom Ink is now making masks in large quantities. If you want to keep the whole family protected, consider the 12-pack for $30 or the 120-pack for $240. They're washable, reusable and made of jersey material.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced kids should wear face masks, and kids' clothing brand nununu is offering them free with every purchase of another item. When you check out, comment how many masks you need. You can also email to ask for a donation. Priority is being given to children's organizations, pediatric services and families in need.

Kenny Flowers

Beachwear company Kenny Flowers is selling masks in packs of matching pairs or three assorted patterns. You can also donate directly from their site. The masks are manufactured in Bali, Indonesia, so for a charity element, the company is donating a mask to locals and giving 100% of proceeds to the nonprofit Direct Relief.

Los Angeles Apparel

This clothing company sells masks in packs of three for $30. They're 100% cotton, machine washable and have an adjustable nose. The company has said that all proceeds support its "ability to donate masks to other essential services."

The Nxt Stop

The travelwear company has started making face masks, sold for $8. They're adjustable, washable and come in two different versions: one made of bamboo and another from cotton.


This New York City-based fashion brand makes mask for kids and adults in two colors, natural cotton and black. Sold for $12 each, they're washable and have adjustable drawstrings. For every mask purchased, the company will donate one to a health care worker.

Veronica Sheaffer

Sheaffer, a former contestant on "Project Runway," has partnered with a local factory in Chicago to produce her "friendly, embroidered face masks," sold for $25 a piece. Preorder the washable masks starting April 22, and they will ship within two weeks, the company said in a statement. For every purchase, the company will donate a mask to someone in need through the Chicago Period Project.

Shirt Stay Plus

Based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, this company known for its elastic shirt stays has pivoted to making cotton face masks. They're sold in packs of three, which costs $24 for the general public and $18 for health care workers. Shirt Stay Plus is also donating one mask to first responders for each one purchased, and first responders can sign up to receive a free mask through the company's website.

Many big-box retailers also sell face masks. If you decided to purchase one, make sure that it will completely cover your nose and mouth, because otherwise it won't be effective at preventing you from potentially passing on the virus to others. Also, consider cleaning it every few uses. Avoid buying medical-grade N95 masks, as these are most needed by health care workers.

It's also important to note Trump's new face mask guidelines do not lessen the importance of stay-at-home measures and social distancing. So you should continue going outside only for essential tasks and wear a face mask if you expect you'll come in contact with other people, like at the grocery store.