Video shows what a real ninth anniversary looks like

Brittany and her husband, after 9 years.

I couldn't tell you exactly what my husband and I did for our 10th wedding anniversary, which was last September 13th. We went out to dinner, yes, but to a restaurant that clearly wasn't that memorable. We didn't watch our wedding video — our usual anniversary tradition — because neither of us knew where it was. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch after we got home. 

But there were flowers — because there are always flowers — that matched the blooms and colors from my wedding bouquet, and there were 10 years of memories, and that was enough.

I once unfairly accused my hubby of not having a romantic bone in his body. But after 10 years of marriage, I no longer need a grand gesture to feel loved — and I'm not the only one. 

In a sweet post and video on her blog, Brittany Herself, mom of three Brittany Gibbons admitted that she and her husband both forgot their wedding anniversary — and realized they didn't much care. (Awesome admission: They didn't even know what year they were celebrating. Both thought it was their 10th anniversary, when it was actually their ninth.)

"The fact is, our wedding anniversary has become increasingly irrelevant to us, replaced instead by millions of other extraordinarily normal moments that mean mountains more and cost thousands less," she writes. "Pregnancies and promotions, first homes and shut-off utilities, sex everyday and having one hand on the door with a bag packed; that is what our life is built on. Not eight hours in a pretty dress."

In honor of that attitude, Gibbons continues, "I grabbed my iPhone and chronicled our anniversary for what it really is... one day of nine years."

What follows is better than any traditional, store-bought wedding gift: a montage of photos set to Ryan Adams' song "Lucky Now" that capture the beautiful (and yes, mundane) moments that happen every day, in households everywhere: Wake-up alarms on the iPhone, sleepy parents, sleeping kids, goodbye hugs and kisses, school drop-offs, snow shoveling, grocery shopping, dinner prep, homework help, bath time, video games, more kisses, bed time...

And flowers. Because there should always be flowers.