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Lady Gaga dyed her hair mermaid blue for a touching reason

She wanted a little "extra special glamour with love."
/ Source: TODAY

Love Lady Gaga, love her hair.

While the woman otherwise known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has been consistently talented with her music and acting, she's always interested in changing things up, at least in one area: her lovely locks.

And now, she's gone blue! Ish!

"Hello Merpeople," she wrote in the caption, clearly a nod at the mermaid shade of light blue in her otherwise long blond locks. "Rocking color by @fredericaspiras named after his mother who just passed...Suzie’s Ocean Blonde. I love you Freddie ... this was extra special glamour with love."

Aww! It's a hair color tribute, as it turns out; she's referring to hairstylist Frederic Aspiras, whose mother, Suzie, died in June, as he noted on Instagram last week. As he told the Daily Front Row in 2019, Suzie was a hairdresser, and he's followed in her ... if not footsteps, then follicles. He's been working on Lady Gaga's hair for a decade, as he explained in the article.

"She needed someone to do wigs and extensions. There weren’t a lot of hairdressers who did that. Wig placement on a white girl? It was unheard of," he said. "I saw (Gaga) on TV and she reminded me of (David) Bowie. She was right up my alley. I get the creativity and the art. I showed up, popped a wig on her, and the rest is history."

So this time, Gaga decided to put Aspiras in the spotlight. And boy, has he kept her hair interesting for over a decade, with shades like lilac, silver and rainbow, along with some pretty out-there wigs and styles.

Not only does it look great on La Gaga, but we're charmed by the heart she's able to put into hair, yet again.