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Kelly Rutherford shares her favorite holiday gifts

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"I know you disapprove of me, but can't you please do so in a tuxedo?" - Lily van der Woodsen, Season 4, Episode 12

That's the sort of hysterical, fashion devotion we've come to love of sociailite mom Lily van der Woodsen on "Gossip Girl." In real life – far from the hysterical drama of the Upper East Side – actress Kelly Rutherford, who plays Lily, is just as stylish but not as half as demanding. Which is good news for holiday shoppers: Rutherford is helping ease the daunting task of playing Santa by suggesting her own list of exclusive goodies on OpenSky, a new curated shopping site that covers food, style, health and design (all things a van der Woodsen knows too well).

Though busy filming season 5, the stunning star and mom of two took the time to share her favorite holiday traditions, shopping tricks, parenting tips and more:

 Holiday shopping? It's a family affair for Kelly Rutherford, shown here with son Hermes and daughter Helena at the Fendi Kid's SS11 Domestic Debit Fashion presentation on April 14 in New York City. Getty Images file

Do you have any holiday shopping tricks?

Yes, I love to go to stores like C Wonder, where they have a little something for everyone.

Any ways you shop with the kids?

I ask them what they would like from Santa and to make a list. I bring snacks or let them pick out a toy to play with so they are not bored.

What's one great gift you've gotten for your friends or family that you were really proud of?

I love the drawings my father does on my cards each year. I want to frame them. He is a business man yet he is truly a great artist.

If money, time or space wasn't an issue – what would be the ultimate present?

Travel with my children. I think it's the greatest gift to see how other cultures live.

Do you have a spending limit for holiday shopping?

Not really. I just focus on what i think someone would like. It's not really the price; it's more that it touches their heart.

 What does Kelly suggest as a stylish gift? The La Mer Studded Wrap Watch ($110) on OpenSky

Do you have any rules for yourself or your family in regards to holiday shopping?

We each tell each other what we want and go get it for each other. Not a lot of surprises. Yet you get what you really like. No returns or exchanges this way!

As a mom, ever feel any pressure to make the holidays "perfect"?

No, I feel it's important to go with the flow. Especially with children.

If so, what's the best and worst part of spending it in New York City?

I love that we are here when the city is quiet and there is snow. It's nice to not have to deal with the travel during such a busy time.

Are there any stores or shopping sites you rely on for your gift list?

I like to give gifts from Exhale Spa. Massages , yoga packages etc ... Things we don't always take time to do ourselves, yet if someone gives us a gift we will go pamper ourselves.

If you had to get a gift for Serena van der Woodsen, what would you get her?

I have no idea... That's a tough one.

Any chance we'll ever catch you in a Christmas sweater?

Oh yes. I love those sweaters!

Check out Kelly Rutherford's curated shopping sale on OpenSky.

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