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Interns turned-co-founders of Harry's Shave Club look at billion-dollar success

Andy Katz Mayfield and Jeff Raider grew Harry's Shave Club out of a desire to give men the best shave ever.
/ Source: TODAY

Andy Katz Mayfield and Jeff Raider, co-founders of high-end men's shaving company, Harry's Shave Club, grew their company out of a desire to give men the best shave ever.

And it worked: Harry's is now a billion-dollar brand.

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"We were just talking to people incessantly about razors and shaving and grooming and what they were doing," Raider told TODAY. "I mean, we were pulling our friends together at parties to have focus groups."

Harry's cofounders and co-CEOS Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield in their New York City headquartersTODAY

"You stopped getting invited to parties," laughed Mayfield.

The pair met as college interns, and always dreamed of starting a company together. Now in their 30s, that simple idea has led to their major shake-up of the shaving industry. After traveling to Germany to check out the razor manufacturing process, the two purchased a factory there for about 100 million dollars after a year of tough negotiations.

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Managing 500 German workers (and not speaking their language!), along with handling every other task involved in running such an enormous business, certainly hasn't been easy. But this isn't Raider's first rodeo. He founded Warby Parker, a high-end eyeglass company that's now worth over a billion dollars.

Below, their three tips for success:

1. Push through the moments when things seem bleak.

"Things are never as bad or as great as they feel," Raider said. "Manage the highs and lows."

2. Surround yourself with talented people.

"Particularly people better at what they do than you are," he continued.

3. Love the idea of what you're doing.

"Be so deeply passionate about it," he said. "All you can do is think about it."