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Here come the men in black ... and other colors

Today Style Editor Bobbie Thomas helps guys select the best shades based on their traits.
/ Source: TODAY

Between makeup, hair dye and self tanners, women have lots of little tricks to help bring out their features. But with men, what you see is what you get.  Which is why it’s so important to use color in clothing to help create a strong look, and draw all eyes your way. Truly, anyone can wear any color — it’s just about finding the right shade (i.e. navy blue vs. baby blue). Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor and author of “the Buzz” for In Touch Weekly, points out a seasonal strategy for choosing colors based on your physical traits.

SpringMost golden blondes, strawberry blondes and redheads with light skin and pale eyes can be described as having “spring” coloring. Think Conan O’Brian — freckles, fair skin, rosy cheeks and the ability to burn easily in the sun are common characteristics among spring men. When you think spring, think of warming up, and when choosing a color like khaki, go for shades that have more golden or yellow in it rather than ashy gray or green.

If you don’t know the difference between teal and turquoise or peach and apricot, don’t worry, just make sure it’s not too dark. Off-white, bright blues and greens, and classic reds will also look great on you. Beware of black and stark white — they will clash against your coloring and overpower you. A black suit with a classic white button down will make you vanish into the background, so instead, look for shirts with a hint of gold (such as ivory vs. white) to compliment your skin tone. Khaki blazer, $148,; I.N.C. Bali blue shirt, $49.98,; “Turn-ing Point” shoes, $255,

WinterJust as the season implies, “winter” men have cool, pinkish blue skin tones. Those with dark hair and eyes, and light, pale complexions are typically “winter” colors. Most Asians and African Americans or those with olive-colored skin will also identify with this season. The key is the difference between your skin tone and your hair and eyes.

Will Smith is a great example of winter coloring — even though his skin is dark, his hair and eyes are an even deeper shade. Winter men should choose intense, dark colors like black or navy, accented with jewel tones or contrasted with bright whites or icy metallics and pastels. Earth tones and faded colors will make you look washed out and almost sickly, so avoid dull shades to look your best. Winter men have the best profile for power dressing, so stick to strong colors in your suiting and casual wear, and you’ll be sure to make a statement. Striped red polo, $19.90,; gray cargo shorts, $29.90,; navy zip-up, $59.50,; New Balance running shoe, $99.99,

AutumnAutumn is the season for the golden boys — those with an earth tone quality to their hair (think brunettes and dirty blondes), and a pale peach or golden beige complexion. With his warm skin coloring and sandy brown hair, Brad Pitt is a great example of an “autumn” man. Colors like chocolate brown, olive green and spicy oranges and reds will look great on you, as will anything with a yellow-gold hue.

True, bright colors such as pure white and black won’t work well against your skin and pastel or cool shades can cause you to look dull and faded. Instead, align yourself with Mother Nature, and seek out colors that are reminiscent of crisp fall days and the food you’d be craving at that time. Shades like pumpkin, ginger, plum and cranberry will all suit you well. Chocolate striped shirt, $54.50, ; brown fitted crew t-shirt, $16.50,; Heritage slim fit linen pant, $148,; belt and shoes, Kenneth Cole

SummerMen of summer need to stock up on SPF. Our fair friends of this season are typically pale with pinkish-blue toned skin and very light eyes, and includes both blondes and some brunettes. Justin Timberlake, a true summer, will be happy to hear that his favorite color, baby blue, is a perfect match for his fair complexion. He often stands out on the red carpet with soft beige and grey suits, which compliment his features rather than bright or bold dark colors, which would be too harsh against his skin.

Pastels are perfect summer shades for you, like lavender, light pink, yellow and blue. By simply taking dark colors down a notch, your face and features will be sure to stand out rather than being overpowered. Two-button tailored jacket in gray, $198,; “Producer” pant in gray, $88,; non-iron slim fit dress shirt in lavender, $89.50,; stain-resistant satin tie, $69.50,; “Living on Edge” black leather oxford, $165,