Going deep V: Amy Adams' plunging neckline returns


Why mess with a good thing?

On the Golden Globes red carpet, "American Hustle" star Amy Adams brought back the deep-V style that dominated her wardrobe in the '70s-era film. Adams, nominated for best actress, wore a sexy Valentino gown — a style she's obviously a veteran of. 

“When I look at it now — when I watched the film, I was like, whoa, there could be a drinking game with how close it comes to my nipple," the actress recently told New York magazine. "Like, every time you think you see something, people would be, literally, really drunk.” 

Just how does she do it? It's gravity, folks. That's right, Adams swears she didn't get any help from office supplies:

“There was no tape! I never used tape. It’s a credit to my posture. And good editing."

There have been quite a few plunging necklines on Sunday's red carpet. Celebs such as Julianna Margulies and Sandra Bullock weren't afraid to show a little skin, while Emma Watson bravely admitted she wasn't wearing a bra.