Snakes? Sharks? Actually, going bald was one of women's biggest fears in 2013

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female hair loss fear

Ask us to guess what the year’s top beauty trends for women might be, and we’d probably throw out the usual suspects—you know, nail art, hair how-tos and makeup ideas.

Well, we’d be partially right.

In actuality, StumbleUpon, a website that allows users to like or dislike online content, finds the most popular beauty posts in 2013 were about the fear of hair loss for women.

The site took a look at the “Stumbling habits” of its more than 30 million users on both mobile and desktop. Women worrying about going bald was followed, respectively, by DIY, inexpensive ways to whiten your teeth, easy hair updos and how to apply eye makeup.

We were a little surprised to learn female balding is such a popular topic, but with up to 60 percent of women facing hair loss issues and female hair transplants on the rise, we understand.

Hair loss in women can be caused by everything from genetics to stress to menopause. Fun!

But if those beauty searches end up offering some great tips and advice, 2014 could mean an onslaught of thick-tressed, dazzling-smiled, French-twisted, smoky-eyed vixens, all DIY-ing their Web-searching selves into a new year of glamour. Hey, that’s a trend we don't mind jumping on board with.

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