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Do Spray Perfect, Nina Silk, Secret Extensions work like on TV?

Spray Perfect spray-on nail polish, Nina Silk hair removal, Secret Extensions: Do they really work "as seen on TV"?
/ Source: TODAY

From expensive manicures to painful waxing to long, flowing hair, beauty doesn't always come easy (or cheap). Just in time for holiday gift season, the Rossen Reports team tried out three "as seen on TV" products for women.

  • Spray Perfect: The commercial says it's "the spray-on nail polish that gives you perfectly polished salon looking nails." But when a Rossen Reports producer tried the product, giving it the full three minutes to dry and applying a top coat as the instructions say, her results did not come out "as seen on TV." Spray Perfect tells NBC News: "Do not spray the product too thick as it will not dry well and could, then, easily chip."
  • Nina Silk: The product claims it can rub the hair right off your body, instantly. When a Rossen Reports producer tried it on her arm, she exclaimed: "Wow, it is completely smooth. It works!" The product sells for $14.95.
  • Secret Extensions: The commercial calls it "the revolutionary headband which is completely invisible," designed to seamlessly blend into your hair to give you thicker, longer locks in seconds. Three female Rossen Reports producers tried it. "I am actually shocked how great I think it looks," said one, and her colleagues agreed that the product works. The hair extensions cost $39.99.

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