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/ Source: TODAY
By Jen Birkhofer

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Welcome to our daily series for TODAY Shopping: Deal of the Day!

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Deal of the Day: January 24

Today's deal comes from Mer-Sea & Co. They are offering 50 percent off their Cozy Scarf collection, which originally retail for $98. To get the discount, use code TODAY50 at checkout!

To get the discount, use code TODAY50 at checkout!

The name says it all! Mer-Sea's Cozy Scarf is a plush, knitted, oversized scarf that's warm and chic. It comes in three neutral colors, making it great for everyday wear. You can use it as your typical warm and cozy scarf that wraps around your neck, or as a shawl that you can drape over your shoulders and wear with a t-shirt and jeans. Keep it on your office chair for when it gets chilly or even in the car if you're always on-the-go. It's also a must if you're traveling and want something that you can just throw on to stay warm in an instant.

If you are already on the hunt for Valentine's Day gifts, mom will love this one!

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