From DD creams to long-lasting lip stains, new beauty goods decoded

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Navigating the latest beauty product crazes

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Navigating the latest beauty product crazes

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The fun thing about the beauty industry is that it is always evolving — but that constant innovation means that often times you'll come across a product that leaves you stumped or asking yourself two things: First, “What does it do?!” and then, “Do I need it?!”

Here's a guide to the new products in the beauty aisle for summer that should be on everyone’s radar:

Wet stain
This innovation in color cosmetics allows for wet-finish glosses to take on the properties of a stain, giving them major lasting power. When applied, they feel like lightweight gloss, and then “dry down” to become a stain, while still maintaining the look of a gloss.

Skin detox programs
The beauty industry has jumped on the craze of detoxing your body, with products designed to work within a certain time frame (much like a traditional detox) to deliver purifying results.

  • Sisley Botanical D-Tox treatment (4 weeks), $240,
  • Tarte Double Detox Facial System (5 weeks), $38,
  • Talika 28 Day Eye Detox (1 month), $45,

These creams are accompanied by edible elements to target the skin both topically and internally in hopes of more substantial results.

DD cream
First it was BB creams, then CC creams, and now — DD creams?! It's like a game of beauty alphabet soup. New DD creams refer to themselves as “Dynamic Do Alls” — providing more coverage than a BB cream and more benefits than a CC cream.

Face, hair & body oil
These hydrating products boast benefits literally from head to toe. You get a conditioning hair product (which can be used for hydration or styling), a daily skin moisturizer and a body glow-getter in one jar. They are also often enjoyed as bath oils to soften skin while soaking.

  • Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil for Hair, Skin and Face, $5.99,
  • Caudalie Divine oil, $49,
  • Tatcha Camellia Beauty oil, $125,
  • Wen by Chaz Dean Bath, Body & Hair oil, $20,

Sleep mask
Nope, it isn't for a long flight or a Freddy Kreuger costume, this new category, jump-started by imports from Asia where they have long been a local beauty secret, features sleep masks that pamper skin overnight, without ruining your pillowcase.

  • Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask, $48,
  • Korres Greek Yoghurt Sleeping Facial, $45,
  • Fresh Peony Overnight Mask, $55, (coming in July)

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