Critics slam Gap Kids for 'sexist' ad that calls boys 'scholars,' girls 'social butterflies'

/ Source: TODAY

Gap Kids is being accused of spreading “sexist” messages over a U.K. ad that refers to boys as “scholars” and girls as “social butterflies.”

The clothing retailer's ad features a girl wearing kitten ears and a logo sweater that will be “the talk of the playground.” The boy is wearing a t-shirt featuring Albert Einstein's face and an image that calls graphic tees a "genius idea."

Critics slammed the ad for promoting gender stereotypes — and for spelling Einstein's last name incorrectly.

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"Because all little girls want to do is be 'the talk of the playground.' Let's stop limiting children #girlsinSTEM," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Gap brand has always stood for individuality, optimism and creativity," said Liz Nunan, a Gap spokeswoman. "Our intentions have always been to celebrate every child and we did not intend to offend anyone."