Best. Hair. Ever. Connie Britton's 'Nashville' waves in 6 simple steps

Connie Britton Hair: How To Tutorial

If you, like anyone with eyes, are obsessed with Connie Britton’s hair on the show Nashville, we have good news: You can get it too! John Frieda International Creative Consultant Harry Josh talks us through how to achieve the hairstyle that's proved so popular it even has its own Twitter handle.

1. Start with wet hair and apply a few pumps of a hair serum.

2. Next, use a large round bristle brush to blow dry hair smooth. “Take your time, because a perfect, frizz-free blowout is the essential base for this look,” Josh says. Chase the brush with your hairdryer as you follow strands from roots to tips.

3. Grab your curling iron and curl one-inch sections, working from front to back. “To get a more natural effect, only curl your hair from ear-level down, and leave your roots straight,” Josh advises.

4. Allow hair to cool for several minutes.

5. Gently brush out your curls.

6. To finish the look, mist with a shine-enhancing product.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.