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Cindy Crawford reveals why turning 50 was 'daunting'

Based on her comments, she's happy to be aging gracefully.
/ Source: TODAY

Cindy Crawford turned 51 in February, but honestly ... you'd never guess. And that's probably a big part of the reason DuJour magazine wanted to shoot the former supermodel on the beach, in a swimsuit, for its latest issue.

And all we can say about that is, thank you! Because Crawford looks amazing.

In the photos we've seen she's striding confidently across the beach in a white one-piece and swimming serenely in a pool, looking 20 years younger.

But it's not just about looking great, because most of us are not going to manage to be able to age as gracefully as the 51-year-old Crawford any more than we could walk the runway as a 20-year-old. What's important is how you feel about growing older, and she's doing superbly in that department, too.

"For me it was really hard; the idea of turning 50 was daunting," she told the magazine. "For so long I was the 20-year-old model on the cover of Vogue, or 25 or 30 — and then all of a sudden my daughter is becoming that."

She added, "My mother was here for Mother's Day and I was talking to her about how I change the narrative for who I am at this age. I don't want to spend my fifties trying to get back to where I was in my thirties. Even though, yes, maybe I would like my skin or my waistline to be the same, I've worked hard and evolved into this person."

Crawford has two children with Rande Gerber: Presley, 17 and Kaia, 15; both are following her into the modeling business (we've commented more than once that her daughter is a mini-Crawford).

"It's certainly not something I encouraged, nor did I discourage it," Crawford said about their modeling careers. "I think what I'm realizing, especially now that they’re graduating from high school, is a lot of kids end up doing what their parents do. The fact they were interested in fashion shouldn't be totally surprising. And because they're my kids, they have an easy point of entry."

And clearly they have some pretty terrific genes!

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