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By Bobbie Thomas

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There's something about the warm summer air that makes me want to be lazy, but if your schedule looks anything like mine, a blissful vacation is a faraway dream. Sure, a yoga class can be a temporary fix, but there are a few other ways to ease your mind and nourish your soul. Here are some offline ideas to help you unplug and chill out.

Coloring book craze

1. If game apps like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Farm Heroes are filling up your free time when you feel like zoning out, you might want to try and Color Yourself Calm (12.98) instead.

2. The Secret Garden Coloring Book ($9.57) has sold 2 million copies and is said to have launched the coloring book craze for adults.

3. You can also make customized coloring books by uploading your own photos to ($25 and up). It makes a great gift!

4. In the mood to swoon? Scoop up this hunky coloring book featuring Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and other Hollywood heartthrobs ($8.69).


5. Beyond ordinary images of flowers and animals, coloring book themes range from the hilarious Mom Life book to the vintage Muscle Car book and even (gasp!) a Swear Word-themed book (all around $10).

6. And fans of Khaleesi, Jon Snow and the surviving Starks can color in the Game of Thrones book ($13.29)!

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Pretty puzzles

7. If you're guilty of getting lost in social media feeds, consider connecting with family and friends in real life over a puzzle. Trust me, you'll want help assembling Radial's Puzzles ($30 and up), which feature pieces in abstract shapes with digital patterns inspired by crystal formations.

8. Modern ombre puzzle motifs are all about subtle color shifts and challenge you to think beyond a traditional image. Check out the 1000 Color Puzzle at Colossal Shop ($49) or this black and white gradient Puzzle at Urban Outfitters ($20).

Urban Outfitters

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Peaceful plants

9. Plants are said to be good for cleaning the air, helping people sleep and banishing stress, but you don't necessarily need a green thumb to benefit from some foliage. Anthropologie's sister store,, offers a wide variety of easy-to-care for options ($18 and up) from self-watering planters to indoor grow kits.

10. In addition to being a pleasant pastime, you can also reap the benefits of gardening. Look for kits ($16 and up) with selections of seeds carefully curated to grow herbs that complement cocktails, wine or other favorite food groups

11. And finally, if you're more into decor, mini terrariums ($18 and up) are another great (and visually soothing) option, ideal for small spaces and bedrooms.

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