Bobbie's Buzz: Rain accessories for spring

With the rainy season fast approaching, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares smart, stay-dry solutions.

Refreshing rain boots


Originally invented by twin sisters Brynne and Bailye Stansberry as part of a high school marketing competition, TwoAlity boots offer up more fun and function than your average pair of wellies. A savvy and stylish concept, you start with a clear pair of rain boots and then choose from an array of colorful, interchangeable liners, many of which are reversible, to create multiple boot options ($19.99 & up,

Handy hood

Hood-to-Go is a clever cover that upgrades any jacket into a rain coat. Essentially a small, slip-on vest with a hood, you can wear the head-protecting accessory under your coat, flipping it up when needed. This helpful hood is ideal for the unpredictable weather in the month of March ($20,


Vino umbrella

The perfect pick-me-up on dreary days, Vinbrella is an umbrella disguised to look like a bottle of wine. Added plus, the tubular container lets you tuck away the wet fabric and moisture once you get indoors ($19.95,

Reversible rain totes

This go-anywhere over-sized tote happens to also come with a detachable zip pouch and hidden magnetic closure. It's also reversible, so you can flip your bag from black to white and back again (or between other color combos), and you have a must-have handbag with major 'bang-for-your-buck' ($59, ).  

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