Bobbie's Buzz: Get creative with your Halloween costume

TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas is here with clever, quick and easy-to-create costume concepts for the entire family.

Black-and-white bunch
Black-and-white has been a big fashion trend, and it’s also a combination everyone has in their closet. For just a few dollars, you and your friends can pick up tubes of white face paint and black eyeliner from the drugstore, and transform yourselves into black-and-white characters. It's easy and great for when you find yourself without any ideas at the last minute! 

Finish the costumes off with a quick trip to Party City, where you can not only pick up party supplies, but also shop for accessories, hats, wigs and more, all conveniently sorted by color.

Pull it together
Little ones can get tired while trick-or-treating, but you can keep the whole gang happy all night long with a fun, roll-along ensemble inspired by Aladdin. Get into the garage and turn an old skateboard into a magic carpet by covering it with a rug. If dad plans to play the role of Aladdin, consider a "pec-printed" t-shirt — it'll be good for a giggle AND he'll thank you if it's cold outside!

Any good Aladdin costume will need to be accompanied by a Jasmine. With holidays around the corner, invest in a party dress for your little princess (instead of a costume she'll only wear once). Then all you'll need to do is add a few accents like a tiara and wand, which can be found at tween accessory haven/savvy Halloween resource Claire's

Looking for another affordable, double-duty idea? Cover a wagon with a piece of of plywood or poster board to make a mouse trap. Dress your tot up in grey footed pajamas for the mouse, while you don black pajamas and ears to be a cat. Added bonus: You'll both be comfy and cozy! 

Finally, should you find yourself lacking skateboards or wagons for either of the aforementioned concepts, have no fear! Toys R Us and are both reliable resources for all things wheel-related.

Candy Crush
Guys might shy away from getting dressed up, but if they're into gaming, they might be on board with a tongue-in-cheek twist on this year's über-popular app Candy Crush. It's a cute idea for couples: She can wear all white and add candy-colored dots using plastic egg halves or styrofoam from Michael's Crafts. He can simply hold a hammer, or tape together a hammer head using cardboard and paint to really crush it! 

Tip: If you're in need of solid-colored sweats for a costume "base," American Apparel is an ideal resource.

Leading ladies
Trick-or-treating straight from work? No problem! Go as Lois Lane in simple, office-appropriate attire. For Clark Kent, suit your baby up in dressy clothes, and let a Superman tee peek out from underneath. If you're missing a garment or two, try stopping off at your local TJ Maxx to fill in the gaps.  

Also inspired by the TV screen is Khaleesi, mother of dragons, from HBO's "Game of Thrones." Pull on one of your maxi dresses, and scoop up a platinum wig. A homemade or pre-made dragon costume for your toddler will be the perfect accompaniment.

Believe it or not bros
Think outside the box and let your little guy turn heads as a headless zombie! Stuff an old, oversize button-down shirt with old clothes and mount it on top of a backpack. Then have him put the backpack on, and position a cardboard box in his arms, creating the illusion that his head is popping out of the box. The finishing touch? A good splattering of fake blood of course! 

Last but not least, we have another unique backpack-based costume. This one entails transforming the bag into a "rocket booster" (aka cover it with something silver!). Then conceal legs with red and yellow streamers to create "flames." Stuff a pair of jeans with old clothes and secure them to his waist with a belt so it looks like the legs are floating in mid-air. It's guaranteed to get a few double takes!