Bobbie's Buzz: 6 skin-smoothing products

TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas highlights smoothing solutions for skin that you can scoop up and start using now.

Bare face

Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal

Legend has it that Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe and others relied on a close shave for flawless skin. Also known as dermaplaning to skin care specialists, the treatment removes not only facial hair but also helps to exfoliate, allowing for better product absorption and makeup application. More recently, blog posts, social media chatter and YouTube videos have women wondering, "Can I use my leg razor or a men's straight-edge?" While I highly recommend a professional for first-timers, if you do decide to try this at-home, please avoid scalpel-like blades and opt for a tool specifically designed for your face with a guard. Tinkle's Eyebrow Shapers are favorite among beauty buffs, as they are slightly longer in length than other brow trimmers (Eyebrow Shaper $1.19, Cream removers can be a quick and easy wipe-off alternative to shaving—just be sure to spot test beforehand. Bliss' Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream helps to dissolve hair on the upper lip and chin, and offers a textured tip to aid in removal ($24,

Modern updates

Finally, a few new clever takes on classic razor designs offer gals on-the-go extra convenience. Gillette's new Venus Snap includes the brand's popular five-blade Embrace razor on a shorter, easy-to-grip handle, making it perfect for packing (Venus Snap $12.99, Last but not least, Bic's new Soleil Shave & Trim is the first disposable razor and bikini trimmer combo, thanks to a smart slide-on guard ($7.49, Walgreens Stores). 

Smooth solutions


For those frustrated with frequent regrowth, a new UK favorite is being touted as a "laser in a bottle." Serums from the Inhibitif brand claim to diminish growth and appearance, with some users also achieving up to a 98% reduction in density. After twice daily application on shaved or waxed skin, the brand says the need for hair removal is minimized in about two months ($9.99-29.99, And if you're in search of some courage to try a D-I-Y waxing kit, Sally Hansen's New Ouch Relief Wax Strips include pain relieving wipes medicated with benzocaine. Use the pre-treatment 10 minutes prior to application, allowing the area to dry completely, then apply the strips ($4.99-$9.49, Make sure to trim the strips beforehand if needed. Gently rub the strip in the direction of hair growth for just a few seconds and then remove by pulling in the opposite direction of growth. 

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