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Barbra Streisand explains why she's always had extra-long nails

The singer is setting the record straight.
No nail extensions for Barbra Streisand!
Streisand has had long, natural nails for decades now.Steve Jennings / WireImage for BSB
/ Source: TODAY

Barbra Streisand would like to make one thing clear: Her famously long nails are 100 percent real, and always have been.

Streisand in 1973's "The Way We Were"Mondadori Portfolio / Getty Images

“Over the decades, I’ve often been asked if my nails are real. They are!” the singer recently wrote in an Instagram video, which featured throwback shots of her impeccable manicures over the years.

Streisand, 76, also revealed why she has always favored extra-long nails.

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“When my mother wanted me to work in the school system ... and be a typist, I rebelled by growing my nails,” she said. “To this day I wish I could type.”

Ever since then, she has kept them noticeably long.

Those nails do look hard to type with!Gary Gershoff/WireImage

“Even when I had to learn the guitar for 'A Star Is Born' … I only had to cut them on one hand,” she said.

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Streisand's nail game was already strong when she won her first Grammy in 1964.

By the time she filmed 1970’s “The Owl and the Pussycat,” her long nails were practically iconic.

Fast forward to earlier this year, and her French tips were flawless as ever as she wished Alec Baldwin a happy birthday.

The only time Streisand did fully cut her nails was for her starring role in the 1983 musical "Yentl," in which she played a young Jewish woman the early 19th century who disguises herself as a man so she can access a religious education.

Apart from that, though, the singer has rocked dramatic, long nails over the five-plus decades of her career.

As for how Streisand keeps her long nails in such perfect shape? For now, that is still one of the icon's beauty secrets.