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This is not your average French manicure (it's way cooler)

by Jordan Muto / / Source: TODAY

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There's nothing more classic and elegant than a French manicure.

If we had to guess, you've had one before, probably right before prom. So have all of your friends, your mom and even your grandmother (probably).

But in a time when nail art is all the rage and manicures are becoming a form of self-expression, the classic French manicure is in desperate need of an update. Now, it's getting a cool twist.

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F is for... French manicure

French manicure
Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

So chuck the typical nude-and-white combo; it's time to make a statement.

Our friends at Paintbox showed us how to create the most rad French manicure we've ever seen.

1. Prep the nail and apply a base coat. Allow it to dry .

2. Polish nails with your favorite hue. The brighter and bolder you go, the better. Allow polish to dry.

Pro tip: We went for pure white polish for a clean, mod look.

3. Grab a fine detail brush and darker shade to create a crescent shape about one-third down from the tip. Fill it in with the regular polish bottle brush.

4. Apply a top coat and let it dry!

P.S. If you need help creating that flawless crisp line on your tips, we have a hack for that. Just use bolder colors and move the rubber band lower on the nail to keep the look modern and fresh!

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