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Balenciaga's 'couch cushion' dress is missing arm holes

People are saying it looks like a couch cushion.
Balencia's 'couch cushion' dress
It's like an adult swaddle!Balenciaga
/ Source: TODAY

Ever wear a dress and think, 'This is nice, but I wish I didn’t have the use of my arms'?

Well, this dress from Balenciaga would be the perfect solution!

Balencia's 'couch cushion' dress
How? Why?Balenciaga

The luxury fashion label recently debuted an emerald evening dress with one very interesting feature: there are no arm holes.

Balencia's 'couch cushion' dress

The couture dress is “draped (and) envelops the body,” according to the product website, and has a hooked closure and “no sleeves.”

Balencia's 'couch cushion' dress
Is it a dress? A tablecloth?Balenciaga

The 100% polyester dress retails for $5,300 and is only available in sizes 2, 4 and 6.

Balencia's 'couch cushion' dress
It looks kind of like a wrapped present from the back.Balenciaga

The dress raises so many questions. For one thing, how would you eat or drink while wearing it? Also, how would you make a phone call, or give someone a hug, or do pretty much anything that involves lifting your arms above waist level?

Balencia's 'couch cushion' dress
What if she needs to reach something on a high shelf?Getty Images

People online are having a field day with the sleeveless dress, with some people comparing the boxy design to a couch cushion or even a “very stylish straight jacket.”

This isn’t the first Balenciaga design that has raised eyebrows on social media. Last year, people mocked the label for selling a $1,290 “T-shirt shirt,” which is basically a button-down shirt sewn onto a plain tee.

Last summer, the brand’s $9,000 layered jacket also raised a lot of questions, along with plenty of funny comparisons to Joey’s style in “Friends.”

And people just weren’t sure what to think of Balenciaga’s $2,145 tote bag that looked exactly like a 99-cent tote bag from IKEA.

Balenciaga’s latest creation is just as baffling. Then again, the dress might have some hidden advantages.

“Just think of all the money you save by not being able to eat or drink,” one Facebook user joked.

And, maybe it would keep your shoulders nice and warm?

If anyone actually buys the dress, please report back!