Alicia Silverstone wears her iconic 'Clueless' outfit 22 years later — see the pic

/ Source: TODAY

In 1995, Alicia Silverstone played a fashion-obsessed, matchmaking teen in the rom-com "Clueless," and while a lot has changed since then, the leading lady has not.

Want proof? This photo of Silverstone wearing her iconic Cher clothes will leave you totally buggin'!

Chrissy Teigen shared the pic, which was taken backstage while working on the new season of "Lip Sync Battle," and if it weren't for the presence of the model mom and her little one, Luna, it could have passed for a vintage '90s shot.

Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless" (1995).(C)Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection / (C)Paramount/Courtesy Everett Col

"How am I supposed to sleep? I think I've asked for 2 photos in my entire life," Teigen wrote in the caption on Twitter.

The first one was Beyoncé and now Silverstone, so we understand the excitement.

And Silverstone, who despite appearances is actually 41, won't be the only '90s it-girl featured on the upcoming episode.

In another behind-the-scenes pic, she's seen with "American Beauty" actress Mena Suvari — who's also set to co-star alongside her pal in a new series on the Paramount Network next year.

During a past visit to TODAY, we learned that Silverstone not only still looks like Cher, but she still sounds like her, too.

The star revealed that some of the catchy lingo of "Clueless" lingers on for her — as in, "Oops, my bad!"

"If find myself saying that sometimes," she confessed.