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Don't be fooled! Soaps that look good enough to eat

Don't be fooled! These soaps might make you think twice before biting into a chocolate eclair or sushi roll.

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Cinnamon buns

Check out chicken nuggets, s'mores and mac and cheese and more tasty foods that look good enough to eat, but don't be fooled. They are all made out of soap. 

Dipped with icing, you can almost smell these cinnamon rolls. 

Get these cute soaps from Sunbasilgarden Soaps

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Stuffed with peppers, onions and lettuce, the egg doubles as a sponge!

Get these from Kokolele.

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Caramel apple

A dripping caramel apple awaits bath time.

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Pastel-colored cupcakes are perfect for welcoming in spring, but make sure these treats go in the shower and not the kitchen.

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Deviled eggs

Some deviled eggs aren't only for the kitchen table. Try taking these delectable eggs into the shower.

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You won't get a cool and refreshing drink with these soap cups.

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Eat doughnuts every morning without affecting your waistline! As long as the doughnut is this soap and you're using it to wash up in the shower, not chow down in the kitchen.

Get these from LoveLee Soaps.

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Chicken nuggets

These chicken nuggets may be the only thing to get your kids in the bath.

Get these from ajsweetsoap

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Baby carrots

Clean, don't snack, with these baby carrots.

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Chocolate cupcake

Savor in childhood memories with this chocolate snack with white squiggly icing cake soap.

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Chocolate eclair

The powdered sugar on this soapy treat makes it look even more similar to a freshly-baked eclair.

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Gummy worms

Colorful worms for washing.

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Will this soup make you feel better if you take it with you in the tub?

Matzo ball soap

Will this soup make you feel better if you take it with you in the tub?

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Mac and cheese

Noodles with drippy, cheesy sauce. 

Get these from LoveLee Soaps

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Popcorn is more than just a movie snack. These freshly-popped kernals in a retro-style bag are perfect for hand-washing.

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Fruity cereal

Colorful cereal looks so tasty that you'll want to eat them for breakfast! 


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Need to cool down? These won't help, but they'll leave you sparkling. 

Get these from crimsonhill.

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Going camping? Make sure to take some of these.

Get these from AubreyEApothecary.


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This sushi set is wasabi scented.

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Start your morning off right by smelling like bacon.

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Hot Chocolate

Each cup of creamy hot chocolate has a delicious chocolate scent and is topped with mini soapy marshmallows.

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Corn Dog

This corn dog soap is made with moisturizing ingredients and even comes packaged inside a retro corn dog bag! The stick makes is perfect to grip in the slippery wet shower.

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Jelly Beans

These jelly bean soaps have the added scent of watermelon that smells good enough to eat. 

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Rice cereal treat

These delicious rice crispy cereal treats look just like the real thing, they even smell buttery and delicious.

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