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This faux leather skirt looks more expensive than it is — and it’s perfect for any occasion

It's my new seasonal essential!
Courtesy Alicia Tan

The leather (or faux leather) skirt is not a new fashion idea. But for some of us, every fall or winter season is a reminder that we may need to add or update this timeless fashion staple in our wardrobe. While a black leather mini is a classic, I tried a high-waisted midi skirt from Amazon to mix things up. It turns out, this could just as easily become a seasonal essential.

The skirt, which is available in five colors, is a step away from a simple silhouette due to the added wrap element with a decorative knot on the side that creates a split hem in the middle. Depending on your body type, the split may be more or less dramatic. While the split was rather modest for me, others, such as this four-star reviewer on Amazon, may experience more of a thigh reveal.

SweatyRocks Women’s Elegant High Waist Leather Midi Skirt

The size you go with will really depend on your body and how you want it to fit. A small was snug for me, and there isn’t much stretch with the side zipper closure, so I wouldn’t have been able to comfortably tuck in a top. The wrap and side knot details were emphasized with this tighter fit, but ultimately, I sized up to a medium for a more comfortable wear. Because of this, it has a slightly boxy fit for me, and I found I had to know my angles to capture a flattering pose in photos.

To test its versatility, I styled the skirt at least four different ways — with various heels, sneakers, loafers and boots; as well as with loose-fitting blouses, boxy sweaters and more form-fitting tops. I found that the skirt works well with a range of tops, though I found shoes harder to style with these.

Shoes with a simple, tall heel, such as open- or close-toed stilettos or high-heel boots, looked the best with this skirt, while chunky loafers skewed the proportions. You may have to play around with various looks depending on where the skirt’s hemline sits on your body, since I found that showing at least a sliver of skin between the hemline and the top of my shoe creates a more proportional look.

Courtesy Alicia Tan

The biggest downside of this skirt for me, and for some reviewers, is the material. It came out of the package wrinkled, which is understandable, but since it’s made of PU leather, or polyurethane leather, I was nervous about ironing it. I tried timidly before giving up for fear of burning the material, which is not one I deal with often. However, other reviewers had few gripes. One said that she hung hers up overnight, and the creases and wrinkles disappeared. But the question of removing wrinkles from faux leather is not a new or impossible problem. Crunched for time, I hung mine up in the bathroom while I ran a hot shower, and while the steam helped, I was too impatient to wait until all the wrinkles came out.

With almost 1,950 total ratings on Amazon, at least 960 verified purchases gave this skirt five stars. Ultimately, this less-than-$50 skirt is a versatile bargain pick that, if styled and taken care of correctly, can be elevated enough for the office, a party, a brunch or your latest family holiday postcard. Just don’t expect the quality of real leather.