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Read With Jenna 'Black Buck' scavenger hunt: Answer Key

Read With Jenna 'Black Buck' scavenger hunt: Answer Key
/ Source: TODAY

1. The day Jean-Michel Basquiat died is represented as what in the book?

Buck's inmate ID/prison number

2. In Sumwun, Marissa carries around a pet piglet named what?


3. Trey’s betrayal of Buck was inspired by this HBO show set in New Jersey.

Boardwalk Empire

4. Darren’s bedroom wall has 3 movie posters: Malcolm X, Scarface and...?

The Godfather

5. The last time Rhett and Buck see each other is in a green room where?

Madison Square Garden

6. What's the name of the real estate company that wants to buy Ma's house?

Next Chance Management

7. To express his disapproval for affirmative action, Clyde holds a B_ S_.

Bake sale

8. What game do Rhett and Buck play in Rhett's office?


9. The FBI raiding Sumwun was based on a similar scene in what movie?

Wolf of Wallstreet

10. To save Sumwun, Darren closes a deal for how much with Barry Dee?


11. Chauncey, Buck’s chauffeur, hails from this West African nation.


12. How many words are in the sales pitch Darren has to memorize?


13. Wally Cat watched these races, which helped him learn how to invest.

Horse Races

14. Who was the Happy Camper Wu Zhao named after?

The only female emperor in China

15. Which Christian Bale movie inspired the waterboarding scene?

American Psycho

16. Soraya tells Darren she wants to go back to school to become a what?