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Hundreds of flight attendants agree that this $35 jumpsuit is a travel must-have

You won't want to take off without it!
Amazon Jumpsuit on three different Women
Courtesy Rachel Abukhdeir / Courtesy Katelynn Ruffner / Courtesy Ana Fuentes

Over the last couple of years, loungewear has evolved into something more than just a lazy Saturday afternoon style. In fact, comfy clothes continue to be at the top of the fashion hierarchy for everything from everyday wear to travel outfits. But one piece that we can rely on for both is this popular one-piece from Amazon.

The jumpsuit first went viral after hundreds of flight attendants raved about it in a private Facebook group for crew members. Soon after, they all started packing the same Amazon find in their carry-on bags.

PrettyGarden Off Shoulder Stretchy Jumpsuit

“It’s the most comfortable piece to travel in,” Delta Air Lines employee Rachel Abukhdeir told TODAY Style. “I wore mine coming back from Paris yesterday with a Burberry scarf.”

Abukhdeir, who is 5 feet 2 inches with an "athletic build," loves that the one-piece is easy to get in and out of.

“There’s a button on the back, but the neckline is stretchy, so you can use the restroom without having to unbutton it,” Abukhdeir, 33, explained. “You just shimmy it over your shoulders.”

Flights attendants (from left) Rachel Abukhdeir, Katelynn Ruffner and Ana Fuentes all own the $35 jumpsuit.
Flights attendants (from left) Rachel Abukhdeir, Katelynn Ruffner and Ana Fuentes all own the $35 jumpsuit.

Nydia Rivera, who is in her mid-50s, raved that her jumpsuit has journeyed to South Africa, Jordan and Chile.

“I like my clothes kind of baggy, so I got a large, but the other girls look fabulous with a tighter version,” Rivera raved. “The best investment I’ve ever made.”

Ana Fuentes, a flight attendant of 22 years, told TODAY Style that she pairs the elastic-waist design with sneakers or nice sandals. Meanwhile, Robin Spurlin, 28, recently wore hers with a leather jacket and animal print flats while in Amsterdam.

(From left) Nydia Rivera, Bonnie Bordges and Robin Spurlin.
(From left) Nydia Rivera, Bonnie Bordges and Robin Spurlin.

Bonnie Bordges, 60, packs the wrinkle-resistant jumpsuit every time she leaves for a trip. “You never know where you might end up,” she said. “Reroutes are very common, so this is a ‘go-to’ piece for many of us.”

Katelynn Ruffner, 28, calls it “the perfect one-piece, all-occasion layover outfit.”

The jumpsuit features a tapered leg and is available in over 30 colors, including navy blue, brick red and a few tie-dye patterns. Many flight attendants own one in multiple hues and have also tried the sleeveless version.

Just make sure you buy the PrettyGarden brand, which is currently the online retailer's No. 1 choice for jumpsuits. As Abukhdeir told TODAY Style: A few flight attendants tried to buy a cheaper version, but it’s not [the same material] and does not feel good."