Amazon shoppers swear by these 'delicious' keto cookies to satisfy their sweet tooth

The mini cookies have gotten more than 3,000 5-star reviews.
HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies
This cookies are taking over Amazon.
By Daniel Boan

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If you've taken a look at Amazon's list of bestselling groceries lately, you may have noticed a particular pack of cookies hanging around toward the top.

The HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies have been a popular pick lately, especially among people following the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet. Plus, the cookies are also advertised as being gluten and grain-free.

The cookies come in a pack of three for $14 — making each pack just a little over $4 each. The chocolate chip flavor seems to be the most popular, though a snickerdoodle variety is also offered.

HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies

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While we haven't tried them ourselves, the cookies seem to be customer-approved and some experts are giving them the thumbs-up as well.

TODAY asked nutritionist and lipid biochemist Dr. Alvin Berger to take a look at the ingredients, and he found them to be "acceptable for someone following a ketogenic diet."

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"Converting the weight ratios to energy parts, the cookies provide 85 energy parts fat, 9 energy parts protein, and 6 energy parts net carbs," Berger said while breaking down the nutrition facts. "For a moderately ketogenic diet, a typical generic energy ratio used is 75 energy parts fat, 20 energy parts protein, and 5 energy parts net carbs. So, the cookies provide a bit more fat energy than that recommended in the typical moderate ketogenic diet, which is acceptable. They provide proportionately less protein, which is acceptable. Higher amounts of proteins containing non-ketogenic amino acids can actually be detrimental for one trying to be on a strict ketogenic diet."

Though Berger thought they fit within the keto guidelines, he did point out that the nutrition facts are based on a relatively small serving size of six mini cookies. He also mentioned that the dried eggs in the ingredients will provide some cholesterol, though consumers should verify that the cholesterol has not become oxidized as is often the case with processed eggs.

TODAY also reached out to Lara and Faith of The Keto Queens blog, who were also huge fans of the cookies. They told us they were "delicious" and included "ingredients that seem appropriate for a keto diet."

The cookies are also a big hit with customers, with over 3,000 people leaving a five-star review. Many of the reviews said that the cookies are almost indistinguishable from a normal cookie.

"They taste just like a regular cookie," one reviewer wrote. "And even though they are roughly the size of a nickel, they have a lot of flavor and are very satiating."

Others said these are perfect to keep around for satisfying any sweet cravings.

"If you are like me and have a serious sweet tooth and miss good dessert the most, please try these," one reviewer raved. "Hands down the best I’ve tried after 15 months of ditching sugar and carbs."

Less positive reviews complained of an aftertaste, while others weren't pleased with the number of cookies for the price.

While the cookies are getting mostly rave reviews, Berger noted that there are many other keto-friendly options available, so be sure to shop around for the ones that best fit your needs.

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