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Lady Gaga's foundation has over 9 billion views on TikTok — is it worth the hype?

It's giving me a million reasons to love my skin.
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

TikTok is going gaga over Lady Gaga — and this time, it's not about her catchy music. If you've been on the app recently, seemingly the entire beauty community has been raving about the star's makeup line, Haus Labs — specifically, its Triclone Skin Tech Foundation. The hashtag (#hauslabsfoundation) has garnered more than 9 billion — yes, billion — views since dropping in September, with users calling it "skin-like," "weightless," and many deemed it last year's best foundation launch.

With reviews like that, I ordered one for myself and see if it really lives up to all the hype — or if these reviewers are just showing their best poker face...

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga Triclone Skin Tech Foundation

Some people judge a book by its cover; I judge makeup by its packaging. And Haus Labs passes with flying colors. (Speaking of: This product's shade range is wild — there are 51 to choose from!) The bottle is made from frosted glass and feels heavy, like you're holding something luxurious. I appreciate the pump dispenser the most since I've fallen victim one too many times to over-pouring from dispenser-free jars. With this, I get total control over the amount I use.

My very first impression of the formula was that it felt watery and looked much too sheer for my taste. I've had acne-prone skin since my college days, and since then, I've suffered from residual scars that I haven't been able to heal. So, I had high hopes for the "medium buildable coverage."

But you know what they say: Trust the process. I used my makeup brush to blend the product in. I couldn't believe how easily it melted into my skin and without emphasizing any fine lines or pores. The texture began to feel more like a serum than the thicker consistency I'm used to with other foundations. It also helped my face look more hydrated and glowy.

Associate commerce editor Danielle Murphy wearing the Haus Labs Foundation
This foundation gives me the most natural coverage and a luminous finish.Courtesy Danielle Murphy

What actually made me speechless was how good this was at covering up my discoloration and hyperpigmentation — even without adding concealer. According to the brand, it's great at hiding redness because of its patent-pending ingredient: fermented arnica. There's also a ton more skin-friendly ingredients in the "HausTech Powered" formula that I'm guessing contributed to evening my skin tone and boosting brightness.

It's incredibly difficult for me to successfully cover up my texture scars without making my face look cakey, but no matter how many layers I add of the Haus Labs foundation, I always get a natural finish. That alone is worth the $45.

What I will say is that following up with some kind of setting powder or finishing spray is a must if you have oily skin. (I even tried the brand's Bio-Blurring Setting Powder, which is a great finishing product that sets and smooths your skin.) Although it's lightweight and has a barely-there feel, I think the wet formula needs something to lock it in to prevent it from moving around. But once it sets, it lasts all day.