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Avoid the clutter: 7 back-to-school finds to help your student organize

Kiss clutter goodbye as you tackle the school year.

If any member of your household is returning to the classroom this fall or even continuing to learn from home, you're probably expecting another thing to return — clutter.

Between sports practices, extracurricular activities and the daily bustle of everyday life, it's easy for our living spaces to get messy, fast. However, more times than not, the hardest part about getting everything organized is finding a starting point.

That's why fashion and lifestyle expert Patrice J. Williams joined TODAY to share what back-to-school gear and gadgets will help keep your kiddo’s bag and desk tidy. Her favorites range from customizable lunch boxes and colorful laptop sleeves, all the way to removable chalkboard wallpaper. All of which support your student’s transition into the upcoming school year without putting too much strain on your wallet, too.

Keep reading for everything you'll need to make the year ahead a successful and clutter-free one.

Back to school organization supplies seen on TODAY

Juopiea Desk Organizer

Because a cluttered desktop hardly ever encourages productiveness, Williams’ first back to school recommendation begins with a classic desk organizer set. But don’t let its size fool you: There are six roomy compartments to hold large and small items. You’ll have space in each to store the 12 complimentary office supplies, along with leftover crevices to keep your own items, too.

Baggu 16-Inch Puffy Laptop Sleeve

If your student is always on the go, a protective laptop case is necessary. Williams suggests this option from Baggu, in particular, because it is quilted throughout to support your device. The array of playful prints also makes for a way to showcase their personality.

Kassa Chalkboard Wallpaper

Williams believes this removable chalkboard wallpaper “is a fun way to create a large to-do list or write down family chores,” especially for visual learners. Cut the wallpaper to your desired length, and place on your fridge, wall or desk. The possibilities are endless!

Twelve South CaddySack

Next on Williams’ list is the Twelve South CaddySack. And the reason is simple: Chargers and cables are a pest to organize. This compact makes them more manageable, and Williams can attest to that. Inside, the compact consists of a mesh pocket to hold small items and large velcro straps to hold bigger ones. What Williams appreciates most about the carrier is its leather outer, which is meant to resemble a book for a sophisticated allure.

Pebblebee Clip Trackers

Misplaced your wallet, keys or backpack? No problem! These waterproof trackers are powerful at keeping a sharp eye on your valuables. Simply attach it to your item of choice, and the tracker will remain active for six months until it needs to be recharged. If you ever need to locate an item, the device will emit a loud buzz with a tap from its app. It is important to note the trackers are only compatible with Apple devices.

Becco Lunch Box

This lunch box will be the talk in the lunchroom. Why? You can select from a number of stars, letters, flowers, and other graphics to stick and re-patch onto its outer. What makes this a favorite for Williams, though, is what’s inside. The brand suggests the lunch box has insulation “to keep things cold for up to five hours” and an “easy-to-clean and leak-resistant” interior to repel spills. It doesn’t hurt that the bag can be clipped onto their backpacks, too.

Bentgo Classic Lunch Box

Williams ends her list with the Bentgo Classic Lunch Box. The stackable containers are designed for making transporting food easier with additional silverware, spacious compartments and a nylon strap. Your only trouble would be selecting a color.

More school supplies organization hacks

Lifestyle expert Evette Rios previously joined the 3rd Hour of TODAY to share her tips and tricks for the school year. Shop her picks below.

Debra Dale Designs Hole-Punched Note Cards

Note cards are great for studying, but keeping them all together can be a bit of a task. These note cards already come pre-hole-punched and with their own storage box, which helps make it easier to keep track of all of the notes students need to keep track of.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

This eco-friendly notebook features 32 dotted pages made from a unique synthetic fabric, which makes them wipeable. The included pen has ink that sticks to the pages just like any other pen you might have at home, but with a drop of water you can clean the page and restore it back to its original condition. After writing, you can scan the pages and store them in the Cloud to access your notes at any time. The brand says it can last for years "if not a lifetime."

Lunchtime organization hacks

Bentgo Kids' Lunch Box

Little ones will love this practical lunch box that makes it easy to portion out an entire meal. The leakproof box can keep everything inside fresh until it's time for lunch, and at the end of the day you can toss it straight into the dishwasher. The top-rated mealtime hack has amassed over 15,900 verified five-star reviews, with some shoppers calling it great for "picky eaters" and "easy to clean."

Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Dual Lunch Box

Not only does this lunch box come in an adorable print pattern, but it also glows-in-the-dark. The interior is easy to wipe clean and features a mesh pocket to hold utensils and snack bags, but you also have the option to personalize the exterior with their initials or name, too.

EcoParadiseGoods Eco-Friendly Portable Cutlery Set

Eco-friendly is in — and here to stay. This four-piece cutlery set includes a fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks, in addition to the storage case, that can fit in most lunch boxes. It comes in four dreamy colors that any student will be excited to use this year.

At-home learning organization hacks

LapGear Ergo Pro Laptop Stand

Once they get tired of sitting at their desk, they might find themselves on the couch. Luckily, this ergonomic laptop stand is essentially a portable desk, so they can stay productive regardless of where they want to study or learn. It also features a convenient phone holder and mousepad area in addition to the main feature of the stand — the adjustable riser — which can help prevent laptops from overheating.

Personalized Acrylic Things to Do Dry Erase Board

Sometimes it's easier to keep track of things when they are written down in front of you. This dry erase board can help any student do just that, thanks to the seven different columns it features to help them manage tasks. This way, they can visually tackle their to-do lists instead of saying they'll "do it later."

Marbrasse Bamboo Desk Organizer

You can only be as productive as your workspace, so any young learner will appreciate this organizer that will keep their desk in tip-top shape. It features nine different compartments for storage and a convenient handle so that they can bring it with them anywhere around the house.