Makeup hacks: DIY eyebrow gel using items you already own

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If you haven't noticed, eyebrows are having a moment in the beauty world. What was once a makeup sidenote has recently been stealing the show. Brow powder, brushes and gels have never been more popular — but there's no need to shell out for an expensive formula!

Using items you already own in your medicine cabinet (like an old eye shadow, some Vaseline and a makeup brush) you can whip up a simple brow solution in seconds.

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Step 1: Start with shadow

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Take a black, brown or bronze-colored eye shadow (depending on your coloring) and mash it up into pieces. This is a great way to make use of a broken or almost-finished shadow!

Step 2: Add petroleum jelly

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Add a generous scoop of petroleum jelly — Vaseline or a generic brand will do just as well.

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Step 3: Mix!

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Use the opposite end of your makeup brush or any convenient tool to combine the shadow pieces with the jelly.

Step 4: Grab a brush

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Find an brow brush that works for you and feel free to use your new formula immediately.

Enviable eyebrows have never been so easy!

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