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How Matt, Savannah, Al and Hoda stay healthy and happy

TODAY anchors weigh in on what wellness means to them, and how they practice it on a regular basis.
/ Source: TODAY

The term "wellness" can feel, let's be real, just a tad overwhelming. Should you start a yoga practice? Do you need to meditate every day? What can you do to combat sitting all day? We get it — it's a lot.

Which is why at TODAY we're hoping to help you simplify your life by focusing on One Small Thing.

Small changes every day lead to big, lasting results. The video above shares some easy tips from trainer Bob Harper, nutrition expert Dave Zinczenko and life coach Shirin Eskandani. And, our TODAY anchors shared what wellness means to them — and how they stay happy and healthy.

Savannah Guthrie's well habits

"Wellness means to me wholeness," she said. "It's not just your physical health, but it's also your spiritual health and the feeling you have of being at peace and at rest."

Another part of Savannah's life that helps her feel balanced? Celebrating her faith.

"What makes me feel the most whole and well and peaceful is my relationship with God and my faith," she said. "When I remember God is in control and he's bigger than everything, it immediately gets my perspective back where it should be."

Matt Lauer on how he finds balance

"To me, wellness is balance," Matt explained. "It's steadiness. It's calm. It's peace. It can be quiet, but it doesn't have to be. But I think the key word is balance."

Matt revealed that he finds balance by spending time with his family.

"After all of the difficult stories we cover on a daily basis, I find balance in kids," he said. "I find balance in my own children, in being around other people's children. Because in kids I find innocence and optimism, and those two words for me... help me find a sense of balance."

Al Roker on aging gracefully

"When you get into your 60s and you realize maybe I got another good 20 years, 25 years, so you want to make the most of it," Al said. "I think wellness means aging well."

The healthy habit that keeps Al looking and feeling young is biking.

"If it's dry out, I try to bike in every day and bike home," Al noted. "I mean, I do workout and do some stuff with the trainer, but day in and day out, I like the bike. I don't feel as good when I don't bike."

Hoda Kotb on staying happy and positive

"Wellness, to me, means feeling happy and alive," Hoda told TODAY. "When I have a joyful heart, I feel well... I think I can best describe it as when I feel like my heart skips a beat. To me, that's what wellness is."

As most Hoda fans know, her workouts and playlists inspire her every day — and that is a big part of her wellness routine.

"When I don't exercise or do stuff like that, I think I just don't feel right," Hoda explained. "So I think, to me, wellness is the feeling that after a spin class that played the best music and I'm dripping wet and I just feel like the best I've ever felt at that moment during the day — I think that's what wellness is to me."

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