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Redbook features 6 real women with real style on its cover

Redbook is making history for the modern magazine. In an editorial first, they are featuring six real women on their September cover.
/ Source: TODAY

Say goodbye to stick-thin models and the same tired celebrities — Redbook's September issue cover is going in an entirely different direction.

For the first time in the magazine's history, six real women are featured on the cover. And not only women who happen to be a size 2. These are real, stylish women from across the country who come in all shapes and sizes — and also look quite gorgeous.

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"Women in general are at a point where they want the media to reflect people like them. I hope we see more of this," Redbook's editor-in-chief, Meredith Rollins, told "It's a watershed moment for us at Redbook, but also women in general. There's a real desire to see women that aren't cookie-cutter models."

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Chris Craymer / Redbook

So how did Redbook find these women?

Back in March, the magazine launched its second annual Real Women Style Awards. They scouted the nation for women who exemplify style as they dress their own bodies on real budgets.

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Chris Craymer / Redbook

We're not talking about people with the luxury of daily personal glam squads. Instead, these are women who have more to worry about then just what to wear and how to wear it. They're from all over the country and from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and ethnically, but all have one aspect in common: they exemplify style and beauty in their fullest definitions.

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Chris Craymer / Redbook

The magazine received over 3,000 online submissions and narrowed it down to 25 entries, who were then voted on a by a panel of celebrity judges, including TODAY contributor Jill Martin.

"The women I picked jumped off the page because of how comfortable and happy they seemed with themselves. I think that confidence is always your best accessory and the women I chose exuded that," Martin told about her selections.

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Chris Craymer / Redbook

The judges selected five winners and the readers had the opportunity to pick the sixth finalist.

"They stand out with their style, but they are also all incredibly confident," said Rollins. "Our readers don't just want to see beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, but confident women who are comfortable with the idea that they are who they are."

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Chris Craymer / Redbook

Beyond being featured on the cover, the six women also grace the inside of the magazine in a multi-page spread in which they share their best beauty and fashion tips.

"I loved how brave all these women were putting themselves out there like that. I think so many women will admire that and it will give others courage to do the same," said Martin.

Since these women are style connoisseurs themselves and know what looks great on their bodies, they had the opportunity to style themselves for the shoot — something that rarely, if ever, happens at a magazine photo shoot.

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Chris Craymer / Redbook

Rollins added: "There are millions of women who can put together a great outfit, but it's another thing to carry it out with confidence."

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