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Try these spending roadblocks if you want to stay on budget this holiday season

If you want to avoid excess spending this holiday season, make spending less convenient.
/ Source: TODAY

The pressure to spend is intense during the holidays — so intense that you may overspend, which could make for the start of a less than happy New Year for you. The trick to avoid overspending is to set up roadblocks between yourself and your desired purchase.

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What’s a roadblock? It’s something that makes it harder — rather than easier— for you to shop. Sort of like how not having immediate, easy access to your 401(k) discourages you from withdrawing from those funds.

Here are four easy but effective roadblocks:

  • Don’t save credit information on websites (the fact that you have to put it in every time means you have to think about it, which means you'll have time to second guess yourself — a good thing in this case!)
  • Wrap a reminder note or rubber band around the credit card you carry in your wallet. Having to remove it before you shop may stop you.
  • Tell a friend or your spouse/partner that you’re trying not to shop and ask them to hold you accountable.
  • Unsubscribe from catalogs and email lists, and remove apps from your phone. Sometimes the constant reminders cause you to shop more.

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