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Scarlett Johansson presents Woody Harrelson with 'SNL' Five Timers Club jacket

The "Champions" actor joined an elite list of stars, including Johansson, who have hosted "SNL" at least five times.
Woody Harrelson is among an elite group of actors who have hosted "Saturday Night Live" at least five times.
Woody Harrelson is among an elite group of actors who have hosted "Saturday Night Live" at least five times.SNL

Woody Harrelson has once again caused uproars of laughter in Studio 8H, this time earning him a spot in an exclusive "Saturday Night Live" group.

Hosting "SNL" for the fifth time on Saturday, Feb. 25, Harrelson became the newest member of the show's Five Timers Club.

The 61-year-old noted the new achievement during his opening monologue, to which the audience broke into applause. He then extended his arms out and looked around, saying, "And you know what that means."

When no one appeared, Harrelson joked, "No jacket? OK," referring to the iconic piece of clothing stars typically receive after appearing on the late night comedy show at least five times. At the end of his monologue, he once again held out his arms and said, "Still no jacket? Okay, well, we got a great show for you tonight."

In the final moments of the show, however, Scarlett Johansson, a fellow member of the Five Timers Club on "SNL," presented Harrelson with the coveted jacket. “I got you, baby!” she said.

Harrelson told the audience that the last time he hosted "SNL" was around Thanksgiving in 2019, adding, "You won't believe what happened after that show."

"The next day -- it was Sunday, as it always is the day after I do 'Saturday Night Live.' It's like a pattern I noticed," he joked. "Anyway, I went walking in the greatest part of this city, Central Park, leaned against a tree and started to read the craziest script."

"OK," he continued. "Full disclosure, I smoked a joint first. The reason I like herb more than is because it makes me feel good, no hangover and I never wake up covered in blood."

Harrelson went on to explain that he had quit smoking weed and that he's "sticking to it." Though after a pause he added, "until after the show," to which the audience burst out laughing.

Throughout the rest of the monologue, Harrelson would divert from his story about reading a script in Central Park to crack a few jokes, then come back to it. During the 90-minute show, the "Champions" actor appeared in several amusing sketches and Jack White performed as the musical guest.

On Saturday, Harrelson joined an elite list of actors, including Tina Fey, John Mulaney, Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell, in the show's Five Timers Club.

Though not all "SNL" veterans, the show has featured several notable hosts already in 2023, such as Aubrey Plaza, Michael B. Jordan and Pedro Pascal.